Mark Doble's Mustang II Aircraft Project

First flight 12 Feb 03.

Mustang II N515MD just after the FAA inspection process.

Welcome to my Mustang II project site for N515MD serial #1961. 

I have tried to include all the tricks, tools, and tips I can into this page to help you out. 

I have spent most of my beer money on the plane (but not all..i still need a beer now and then) is how I get my beer money here.

I have learned much from the Mustang List and RV list as well as the newsgroup rec.aviation.homebuilt (can access via

You can find all the specs on the Mustang at Mustang Aeronautics located in Troy, Michigan and run by Chris Tieman. Great factory and great support.

Note: I am not a representative of Mustang Aeronautics. The tips and procedures in these pages are for information only. If you happen to cut your hand off or drill your eye out....sorry.

Note that I quote building time for the sub-sections.  This build time is quoted in months of part time work.  I am guessing on average I spent about 1.5 hours a session...more on weekends and probably every other day during the week.  I worked a full time job and had two maniac kids (now four maniac kids) and a dog that need lots of attention.

N515MD Building Log April 1999 - Feb 2003.
Kit took approximately 3.5years of part time work. 




Intro to aircraft building:  The Venerable Flap Kit

Oct 1998 - Dec 1998

Purchased many tools and learned to use rivet gun! Spent a few months deciding whether to do this or not...

Decided to build a Mustang II started with the Center Section Kit

April 1999 - Sept 1999

Alot of work...but now i'm DONE!! Seat rails installed.

Forward Fuselage

Oct 1999 - Jun 2000

Installed seats...took my time here....


Jun 2000 - Jan 2001

Battery and ELT installed


Feb-Jun 2001

All done...! Rudder, elevator, control tubes!

Fuel Tank Header/Instrument Panel, Seats, Canopy rails. Jul-Aug 2001 Done...instrument panel powder coated silver and riveted in!


Sep-Oct 2001 

windshield trimmed and installed...just need a fairing for it.

Installing instruments finishing up canopy, installing wires Oct-Dec 2001 Putting in various systems...trim tab, wires, compass, finishing up windshield/canopy.
Fairings/Finish work on canopy. Jan 2002 Finishing up canopy install.
Engine & Systems Install Jan - Aug 2002 Install engine, brakes, hoses, more wiring, oil cooler, vent system.
Cowling Sept 2002 Cowling install, finish up systems.
Moved to NC from FL.  Left Mustang at airport in Tampa....will travel back to finish. Oct 2002 Moving...Mustang to airport for final assembly (at VDF in Tampa airport).
FAA Inspection Jan 2003 Passed inspection!
First Flight Feb 2003 First Flight Went Well!!!!

You can find me at.....check the garage....and make sure you don't hear any cursing before entering cause sometimes it ain't pretty.....and bring beer dammit!

Mustang II N515MD Front Office


  • Standard 6 instruments (from top left: Airspeed, Attitude, Altimeter, NAV, Turn and Bank, Directional Gyro, Vertical Speed Indicator). All electrical panel (no vacuum system)

  • Garmin GNS430 radio/nav/color moving map GPS, Garmin GTX327 digital transponder

  • DRE Intercom,  Electric trim, SIRS compass

  • Cyclops Engine Monitor (8.4" hi-bright color display with all engine data displayed) Manifold pressure, RPM, 4 EGT, 4 CHT, Shock cool warning,  Fuel Quantity, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Outside Air Temp, Carb Temp, Volts, Amps, Voice Recorder, Voice Warnings, Fuel Used, Fuel Left, Fuel to Waypoint, Fuel to Destination, Flight Timer, Flight Countdown Timer, MP3 player, Metar Info, Chat Server, etc, etc.. (custom designed by me...installed and working...hee haw!).

  • Cabin heat (mixes hot with cold air).  Emergency firewall door (stainless steel).

  • Switches/Knobs  from left: Light Dimmer, Whelen strobes, Whelen Position Lights, Main Fuel Pump, Aux Fuel Pump, Avionics Fan, Cyclops buttons, Essential Bus, Nav Audio, Pitot Heat.

  • Silver powder coated panel with black powder coated roll bar and tinted windshield.  Windshield is screwed to fuselage skin and has a metal trim over the top.  Note the avionics vents/fans on top of instrument panel.


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Experimental Avionics 

Who am I?
FAQ & Tips
Corrosion Protection

Airframe Construction

Aircraft Systems

Finishing  Parts List
First Flight!
Insurance/Other Costs

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Thanks Orville Wright for the first homebuilt (or at least i think this is Orville!)

I guess he saw the following advertisement...