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The Venerable Flap Construction  
If you can build this you can build the plane...and this ain't (southern for "isn't") hard.

Here are some of my first pictures ever of my kit building experience! 

Note the very large workbench that was cut way down to fit in the tiny space I was building the Mustang (1/2 of a small 2 car garage in Tampa, FL). 

The flap was a great starting point.  If you can build the flap you will have no problems building the plane....really!

Putting on the skin stiffeners

Getting the leading edge done

Nearing completion....

Waiting for the cherrymax rivets for the center rib

Done!  I am now a proud owner of a Mustang II flap....just need an airplane to attach it to now.  Note the heavy use of zinc chromate...I found out later that all you really need is a light flap should last well into the next century....and will surely outlive me. 

Do you think i could anymore zinc chromate on that flap!!! It is funny to look back on this now that the plane is done.

Took 1 month to build the flap (24 hours of work).

At this point I decided that I could build an airplane and ordered the next kit...the venerable center section. I ordered the kit on December 29, 1998 and received all the parts on April 4, 1999.


Flap is completed!  Exciting first step. 

Run around the house with it!  Put it on your lap and drink some beer with it!

I decided to build the Mustang II after a couple of months of thinking about it.  I ordered the center section in late Dec 1998 and received it on April 4, 1999.

I ordered the factory jig because I am lazy and find it easier to spend money than to go to home depot and build the jig! But the jig is very easy to build...just need 2 posts.

You send the jig back when you are done and they give you most of your money back....a pretty good deal.

I went to Sun n' Fun soon after....Here is a picture of Aluminum Overcast the EAA B17!

On to the Center Section


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