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Tailcone Construction  

Finished tailcone riveted and completed.  Note that the tailcone was drilled while attached to the forward fuselage but was riveted on the floor.  This was done so it was easy for my brother to crawl inside and buck the rivets.  Also, note that i did not pre-form the skins as the plan would have helped a bit but not really needed.

These are the tailcone bulkheads.  Make sure you get these right or your tailcone skins will be wavy...good for flags not for tailcones.

More (very green) bulkheads....(the green is zinc chromate..if you are new to this).

My brother in the tailcone...he enjoyed the experience...but i did have to pay him many beers.  It was hot in there with the light...but only took 2.5 hours to rivet the whole tailcone....we are fast...and no mistakes!

  I used straps to hold the skins down on the belly skins and over the bulkheads.  I used four straps...these were cheap from Home Depot.  I put the skins on/off about 4 times....i forget why...but i remember it being a pain in the ass.

Make sure you have little helpers around....they are also useful for losing tools and spreading clecos all over the floor.


Took 5months to build the tailcone...

Bunch More Tailcone Pictures....


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