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Airframe Construction  

mustang_wave_md_wht.gifThe airframe is broken down into the following sub-kits and the order in which I have built or planning to build.

Mustang II Building Sequence

  • Flap (starter kit to see if you like building)
  • Center Section
  • Forward Fuselage
  • Tailcone
  • Empennage
  • Canopy
  • Wing
  • Engine Install
  • Cowling
  • and finally the misc 1000 of details to finish up before first flight!

I ordered each kit separately because of limited space in my 1/2 of a 2 car garage.

For jigging i used 4 simple metal saw horses purchased at Lowe's.  To make sure all was lined up correctly i used a smart level (electronic level...a marvel) and fishing line and my eye balls.

Build my mantra.....or drink a lot of beer and hope it then will look straight (just kidding).




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Airframe Construction

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