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Center Section Construction  


Make sure you take your time and align the center section carefully.  Note that the wings attach to the center get the distance right! And watch out for twist in the rear spar when riveting.  A twist here will ruin your day.

Center Section in the factory jig.  Note the ribs are all lined up using threaded rod.

Wing walk stiffeners.  I know of one builder that added an extra rib here for more support.  Not sure if it is needed but would make it stronger.


Note the backup plates for the seat rails.  I want to make sure the seat rails have enough support for my heavy butt....especially in those high G turns!


More ribs...

Center section nearing completion...note that i did not do the leading edge skins until the fuselage was completed...this was to get a good fit on the skins....i can't really see how you could do it before.


Control stick and view from the top.



 Note the aux tank install.  view from the bottom and also not


Aux tank install.  Note the vent line running down the side.

Rudder pedals black powder coated with the same material used on the space shuttle rudder pedals!


Firewall mounted to the rudder pedal support and forward floor board supports.  This assembly was riveted while separated from the fuselage..much easier to rivet.



Close up of the rudder pedals.  Note that i modified the rudder pedal mounting plate to be much more stiff.



Center section complete and mounted horizontally on two metal sawhorses.  Whew!  Finally starting to look like an airplane.


Took 6 months of part time work to build the Center Section.

On to the Tailcone!

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