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Insurance and Other Costs to keep in mind....  

Experimental airplane insurance is a rip-off...there i said it is out in the open....

I pay $2700 a year for the Mustang II (but the RV guys get about $1000 knocked off of that...don't ask me why...the planes are similar from an insurance stand point.)

I guess they just have it out for us Mustang II drivers....jealousy i suppose.

UPDATE 7/7/2005: I have 210hours flight time and 75hours in the Mustang II and my rates still have not dropped from $2700....


I had 140hours total time when i finished my Mustang II.  I finally was able to get insurance through Falcon (EAA selected insurance group....thanks EAA and Falcon!!).

Falcon Insurance Agency
PO Box 92409
Austin, TX 78709
(512) 891 8473

I paid a premium of $2690.00 for 

Single Limit Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability including Passengers $1,000,000 each occurrence and $100,000 each passenger.

Medical expenses including crew $10,000 each person

All Risks Basis no deductible (thanks EAA) : 
While aircraft in motion NIL.  While aircraft is not in motion NIL

Insured value $70,000

Hanger Rent

In Tampa, FL i paid 272.80 for a hanger at Vandenberg Airport just west of Tampa.  I moved up Raleigh, NC and was able to share a big hanger with 4 other planes for $125.00.

I moved yet again to another Hangar at Triple W and pay $175.00 a month for a large T-Hangar. 




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