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CyclopsEMX Engine Monitor in flight in northern Florida on the way to Sun-n-Fun.  Photo courtesy of Jack Doble.


CyclopsEMX Features

RPM & Manifold Pressure

Hobbs meter and Tach Time
Manifold Pressure

Fuel Quantity, Used, Flow, and Pressure

Fuel Quantity Measured via capacitance probe (2 supported)
Fuel Flow, Average Fuel flow in cruise
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Used
Fuel Left
Fuel to destination, fuel at destination, fuel time left before empty, nautical miles per gallon, ETA to destination using NMEA 0186 format and Garmin aviation format GPS sentences.


Oil Temperature, Max Oil Temperature, Average Oil Temperature in cruise
Oil Pressure, Max Oil Pressure


Bus Voltage 1 (show one or both)
Bus Voltage 2


Carburetor Temperature
Outside Air Temperature
Plug and play temperature sensors. These sensors are the size of an un-popped popcorn kernel. One wire temperature sensors plug onto the Cyclops EMX One Wire Bus enabling you to put a temperature sensor anywhere on the airplane. Temperatures (up to 4) are displayed on the screen. Future plans are to support as many sensors as you want and logs this data to a file. Currently 4 sensors are supported.
EGT Temperature with Lean Seek (Thermocouple probe)
CHT Temperature (Thermocouple probe) with Shock Heat/Cool warning display
Lean Finder
Max Temperature Tracker for Each Cylinder and Alert indicator with voice annunciation

Weight and Balance Computation made easy!

Enter your values for basic empty weight, oil, fuel (or have CyclopsEMX compute this from your current fuel quantity automatically), aux fuel tanks (if any), pilot weight, passenger, and baggage.
All this data is saved for later flights.
A graphical representation of weight and balance is show for you...very easy.  Now you can really do a W&B for each a few seconds.

Flight Position Data Recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder

Flight Data Recorder. Over 5000 hours of flight engine data is recorded to the compact flash disk. You can easily insert a keychain flash disk ($30) and retrieve this data to take home to your pc and upload via your USB port on your computer. Use Excel to show a graph of your EGT temps to detect any problem.

Position Data Recorder. Save your position, altitude, and speed at a set interval and take your data to a computer to review your flight path over satellite imagery. Supports the USAPhotoMap shareware program data format by This software downloads images from the TerraServer based on your saved waypoints. Review your flight path, altitude, and speed!

Flight Summary recorded for each flight. Easily view past flight engine data. The flight summary is a unique features as it records min/max for important functions and allows you to easily go back and view this data. Eg. How much fuel did I use on that flight to Atlanta?

Flight Summary Review while in the cockpit

Cockpit Voice Recorder.  Your voice is recorded in an endless 2min loop if desired.


Clock (Day of week/ Year/ Hour:Min:Sec)
Count Up/Down Timer. Define your own useful timer and save them for easy recall while in flight.
Flight Timer in hh:mm:ss and 0.x format Starts automatically for each flight.
Fuel Timer
ETA to waypoint based on current speed and distance.


Voice Alerts for all major systems
Digital Voice Recorder
MP3 player....using a USB flash drive...listen to music while on your flight.
Checklists (user defined…and easily changed)
Voice Checklists. Record and playback your checklist.
Lists (define any type of list to display V-Speeds, VOR frequencies, etc).

User Inputs

2 buffered analog inputs to the A/D converter (12bit)
8 On/Off Inputs
One wire bus can accept many one wire devices for temperature, pressure, etc.

(Very) Experimental Features

Chat server...using a cell phone data link. Login to the chat server and send your engine data every few seconds to the server stored into your account. Record your takeoff time, engine parameters, position, speed, altitude, chat with your buddies, etc while in flight. Retrieve METARS also when data link is available for your selectable position. The cell phone link works great from the ground…but very iffy in the air.

METAR text access for your current position. METARs are selected based on your current position (you define the range). Download the METARs you want and view them in the cockpit. This is a nice feature when taxing out to the end of the runway….also great to send text messages out.


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