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Here is a list of my order of most used tool.stuka_fly_md_wht.gif
I don't suggest running out and buying a bunch of tools like i did....but buy as you go and make sure you get the best tool.

Misc Tools

  • My brain....well rested and free of alcohol (for the moment...)
  • Black Sharpie Magic Marker (the fine point tip from any office supply store)
  • Small (6") Stainless Steel ruler will measure as small as 1/64". Used very often!
  • Metal punch (got at home depot for $5.00) Used to set a small indent in the metal for drilling...stops drill head from wandering).
  • Clamps, clamps, and clamps. I like to use the orange spring loaded clamps from Home Depot. These are quick and easy to use. I have 8 of the big ones and 10 of the little ones. I also have a bunch of metal C clamps....but don't use them as much as the spring loaded clamps. The spring loaded clamps also are covered with plastic so they don't damage the sheet metal.
  • Deburring tool (keep the edges of all your work smooth)
  • Long drill extension 6" to use with threaded drill bits.  This is used a lot....for those hard to reach areas.
  • 90degree angle drill.  A must have for getting the drill into tight places.
  • 200 3/32" clecos
  • 200 1/8" clecos (I would buy another 200 of these...)
  • Cleco Pliers (get two of for your helper if you can find about $5.00 (for the pliers not the helper).

Hand Tools

  • 3" yoke hand squeezer Tatco ($160 from Brown Aviation Tools well worth the money...very nice hand squeezer that has an interchangeable yoke).  Note that Cleveland also sells their own hand squeezer now that has removable pins with pull rings....looks really nice...but was not out when i bought my Tatco's.
  • 2" yoke hand squeezer US Industrial Tools.  Came with my tool kit I purchased.
  • Wiss straight (yellow) aviation snips (non-serrated edge).
  • Wiss tin snips
  • Hand Seamer
  • Lots and lots of hand files (got these really cheap at Sun -n- Fun and Oshkosh).
  • 30" Bending Brake from Harbor Freight Tools (This is a great bending break for $50...skip the 18" brake and get this one.  It is made of heavy duty steel and works great!).

Power/Air Tools

  • Air compressor 5HP (i unfortunately bought the oilless...this is very probably should get the oil compressor...more expensive but less noisy).
  • Air Drill (2200 rpm) (not used too much as it sets off the compressor and wakes up my dog).
  • Craftsmen (2500rpm) power drill (I mostly use this because it produces less noise. The air drill sets off the compressor too much)
  • 2X Rivet Gun (I had the spars made at the factory so you only really need a 2X gun....but this is a serious point of debate among homebuilders....i have not required anything beyond a 2X gun.)
  • Table Top Band saw from Home Depot (a must...for me anyways...i used the bandsaw alot!)
  • Table Top Drill press from Home Depot (also a must!)
  • Air tool for cutoff wheels for canopy trimming.


  • Many (many) assorted bucking bars.
  • Circle cutter (fits into your drill)
  • Instrument hole cutters (about $100 (in 2001) but works great!)
  • Rivet cutter (a must)
  • Crimping tool for PIDG (pre insulated diamond grip) Amp connectors.  The only type of connector you should use for aircraft work.
  • Battery charger for RG Battery.  I bought my battery early so I could make my battery box....thus the charger.  I wanted it to fit exact!
  • Wire stripper
  • Plumb bobs (3)
  • Various screwdrivers, drill bits, rubber mallet, adjustable wrenches, the usual stuff....

Tool (favorites) Providers

  • US Tool
  • Avery Tools
  • Cleveland
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's 

Pick up all their catalogs at Sun-n-Fun or Oshkosh.  Also note that there are "show" specials for tools only available at the show.....usually a great deal.  Try to get tools at the shows since you can see the tool and it is fun to buy them and lug around heavy tools all day while at Sun-n-Fun and Oshkosh (especially bucking bars!).

This about does it. Always take your time and do a good job. Do not rush the project or you will start to make mistakes....(i know...don't ask how...).

Note: you will make mistakes...just try to paint over them...or say your brother did it.

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