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Corrosion protection is a topic of much debate...and causes confusion among new builders.  To cut the chase here is what i decided upon:

  1. Clean parts with Alumiprep (basically a phosphoric acid wash) using a Scotchbrite pad (available at any supermarket). Do not let the part dry with the cleaner on the metal.
  2. Wash parts off with lots of water to while still wet from the Alumiprep.
  3. Let the part dry in sun or dry with clean (clean!) cloth.
  4. At this point you can Alodine if you wish...i alodined most small parts but did not bother with the skins (too much work in the hot Florida sun)
  5. Spray with green zinc chromate primer (aviation primer...not marine..there is a difference...i called the manufacturer).
  6. The parts that were exposed i added a grey enamel paint over the top.  Inside parts I left the attractive green zinc chromate.
  7. The End.

Note that you can go to and search the RV-List archives for all the gory details on priming.  There are products such as Dupont Veriprime that some people are using.....but the manufacturer requires that this have a top more weight, work,etc....

If you think about what you are trying to accomplish with corrosion protection it is that you don't want water coming between two parts causing a galvanic corrosion...or water sitting on a metal surface for a long period of time. 

With this in mind pay attention to the areas that this would happen.  Also watch out for any aluminum/steel contact areas.  I used zinc chromate covered by a layer of enamel paint in these area to prevent galvanic corrosion.

My plane should be corrosion free for at least 30years or so.

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